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Why Work with A Telecommunications Broker

What is a telecommunications broker, and why do you need one? Telecom Brokers (also referred to as Agents, Consultants, and Specialists) provide a depth of communications and IT expertise to small and medium-sized businesses and act as an agent negotiation service for the client. These educated agents take the work out of processing telecommunication service information from multiple sales representatives from a variety of carriers.

Telecommunication Brokers Act as Independent Agents
Brokers who work with the telecommunications industry remain unbiased and therefore can provide legitimate comparisons of carriers and services for business needs. Agents establish and maintain quality relationships with multiple communications providers and are thus able to offer bundled services, often at better prices, and ultimately an overall sense of satisfaction for businesses. The work of researching, pricing, and hoping to make the best choice for a telecommunications carrier is handled by a Telecom Broker. Additionally, agents are front-line managers when service is interrupted or problems occur, most of the time brokers are already aware of an issue a carrier is having, and thus are prepared when you call to open tickets for problems. Brokers are not salespeople, but consultants, and therefore working with a broker will not leave you feeling like you are being upsold, as the goal is to provide consistent service between carriers and businesses. Like a stockbroker, telecom brokers make money when transactions are processed and are paid by the vendor when any sales are made. They do not work on commission nor are paid by the business itself. As these relationships between broker and carrier continue, an agent hopes that the client association will continue through life. The broker works to provide service and customer care that is industry-specific throughout the entities existence.

Services that Telecommunications Brokers Can Help Arrange
As a telecom broker, an agent has access to all major carriers and provides pricing to the business customer without the client having to go directly to the carrier. Telecom Agents can get services ranging from internet services to analog telephone numbers, while also offering in house voice services to meet the telecom side. The telecom broker is trained in product and industry knowledge, which helps when a company needs to make decisions, acquire quotes, and information. Lastly, the broker can provide solutions for the things that are needed, quickly and at a better cost due to working with several telecommunications carriers, and negotiation prices. Brokers provide one-stop shopping, saving time, as well as money, as the carriers/vendors are contacts with the broker. The relationship between the carrier and the broker works to serve the business needs first. Telecom brokers work to determine a company’s telecommunications needs, then conducts the appropriate research to determine the best services, vendors, and products which will provide the best results for the company. Telecommunications Services Provided Easily through Brokers
Brokers truly take the guesswork out of finding the right product for your industry needs. As telecommunications brokers, Elemental Technology Solutions has a unique insight into how to direct the navigation of your business phone systems so that your business actions are always up and running, even when your internet service is out. We serve you, the customer, by seeking the best partnership for your company needs with the appropriate carrier and then we help you maintain that relationship. Reach out today online or by phone at 1-888-499-5898 to streamline your telecommunications needs.