Patient access to medical records, increased enforcement, and IT Security are the primary concerns for Dentists, Doctors, and other healthcare professionals, when insuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Compliant IT is the single largest HIPAA liability for health care providers and HIPAA runs both broad and deep. With this in mind, having a managed IT services company that addresses the entire scope of HIPAA compliance helps avoid penalties and ensure your compliant IT is done right.

Since HIPAA compliance became necessary for dentists, doctors, and other medical practitioners, information technology expertise has evolved from a luxury to an absolute necessity. Healthcare providers must have IT professionals who understand the patient access, enforcement, and IT security associated with HIPAA.

HIPAA Compliant Email
Rest at ease knowing that your PHI is protected from unauthorized access and encrypted according to HIPAA security rules.
HIPAA IT Security
Our administrators monitor and audit access to your critical data to meet HIPAA requirements.
HIPAA Compliant Servers
Server hardening serves to protect sensitive patient data and remain in compliance with HIPAA.

Elemental Technology Solutions provides HIPAA compliant planning, hosting, and IT Services to private practices, group practices, and even large HMOs. Our HIPAA compliant IT services ensure you don’t have to become an IT expert but can instead have the assurance that your practice complies. We allow you to focus on providing the best possible care to your patients, while knowing that your sensitive patient data is protected.  

Elemental Technology Solutions offers best-in-class technical safeguards, technical policies, and network security to ensure that your storage and transmittal of electronic health information is always in compliance. Contact Elemental Technology Solutions for a free HIPAA IT Compliance assessment and get the HIPAA Compliance for IT at your medical practice right away.