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Why is it Important to Have a Strong IT Infrastructure?

For most people, IT can be a subject they immediately shy away from, but small businesses should lean in when they hear IT. A business’s information technology infrastructure can be either its saving grace or its fall from grace. Read on to learn more about the benefits of implementing a strong IT infrastructure in your business.

Strong IT Infrastructure Contributes to Improved User Experience

A well-built IT infrastructure is something that customers may never notice, but an unreliable IT infrastructure will always get a customer’s attention. When customers think about your business, you want them to think about your stellar customer service, top-quality products, and more. Don’t let your IT infrastructure misrepresent you. Investing in a strong IT infrastructure contributes to faster speeds and better connection strength, decreased downtime, and the ability to tailor your interface to your individual clients.

Faster Speeds and Better Connection Strength with a Superior IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is critical to your business’s reputation because it impacts just about everything you do. If you want customers’ wishes satisfied quickly, it is imperative to invest in dependable IT infrastructure that will work to support your employees in providing quick, seamless fulfillment of your customers’ wishes.

In any area of your business, connection strength is imperative to customer satisfaction. When connection strength is weak within your organization, employees struggle to turn their projects around quickly, which can delay customer gratification. When you’re thinking of how you can better serve your customers, think no further than your own information technology systems.

Minimize Downtime with Strong IT Infrastructure

For your end users, nothing is more frustrating than IT infrastructure that is unreliable. Any disruption to your business operations is not only going to affect your customers but will also affect your profits and customer relationships. Keep your customers happy by minimizing disturbances to your regular operations when you invest in quality IT infrastructure.

Tailor Your Interface to Individual Customers with Improved IT Infrastructure

In the digital age, there is nothing more important to customers than ease of use. Using data collection tools to provide individualized interfaces for customers promotes a frictionless experience for your end users, who will associate your business with catering to their exact needs.

Improved Cyber Security with a Powerful IT Infrastructure

Even though small businesses are likely to be impacted by cybercrime, only about 14% believe that their risk prevention strategies would prove effective in the face of a cyberattack. The results of cyber attacks can be devastating for small businesses, making having a powerful IT infrastructure in place all the more important in providing proactive security and risk management, as well as, recovering data in the case of a disaster.

Proactive Security—Stop Cyber Attacks Before They Happen

Of all data breaches, 43% can be connected to small and medium-sized businesses, making cyber security efforts more important than ever. Even with this increased risk, however, 43% of small businesses have no cybersecurity or risk mitigation efforts in place. Cyber attacks can prove to be expensive for a small business, and if your business operates with limited resources, a cyber attack can be fatal. In addition to damaging the company’s reputation and causing downtime, cyber attacks can cause huge financial losses for the company with a singular data breach costing around $149,000 on average.

With the increased risk of any small business being impacted by cyber crime, it is more important than ever for your business to be prepared for a number of different attacks that could be launched against your company at any time. Investing in a strong IT infrastructure allows your business to take matters of security into your own hands and be proactive about protecting your company before something devastating occurs.

Recover Company Data When Disaster Strikes

In business, the importance of data cannot be overstated. Data provides insights about both external and internal business aspects, such as customer preferences, employee productivity, competitors, and more. Data can be lost due to a number of factors including human error, power failures, natural disasters, malware, and more. This loss of data can prove to be catastrophic for your business. The data that your company has invested its resources into gathering is far too important to leave unprotected. Make sure that your information is secure by utilizing a strong IT infrastructure to back it up so that it may be recovered in the case of an emergency.

Increase Job Satisfaction with Improved IT Infrastructure

Keeping your employees happy isn’t rocket science. Most employees want challenging work and to feel that their work is important. Learn how the implementation of a well-built IT infrastructure can support job satisfaction in your employees.

Improve Employee Productivity with Seamless IT Infrastructure

When employees have access to resources which support them in their work, productivity soars. Technology in the workplace can support a myriad of functions, but ultimately, each of these functions contributes to employee satisfaction and profitability for your business. Infrastructure that facilitates quicker communication between employees and managers promotes transparency in your organization and workers that are up to date on company affairs. Speedy communication also allows for employees to turn their projects around quicker, contributing to the overall success and profitability of the company. Not only will your employees be proud of their work and themselves, but they will feel as though their work is important in your organization.

IT Infrastructure Supports Telecommuting Capabilities

A primary concern for the employees of today is an organization’s flexibility when it comes to working arrangements. Working from home, or telecommuting, became a more common working arrangement during 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic forcing non-essential workers to stay at home. Depending on your organization, telecommuting regularly may or may not be an option. However, supporting your employees by allowing them to telecommute in certain emergency situations, such as the sickness of a child, can contribute to job satisfaction without sacrificing profits. A strong IT infrastructure supports telecommuters and their organizations by enabling quick and easy communication and supporting the security of your business as it expands outside of its regular setting.

Strong Infrastructure Ensures Compliance

Laws regarding safety and transparency in your business can make it hard to focus on what you really want to do, run your business. Whether you work in finance, healthcare, or some other business sector, ensuring compliance can prove to be difficult when the laws are constantly changing. A strong IT infrastructure can help to ensure that you are always in line with the latest rules and regulations.

Managed IT Services Provided by Elemental Technology Solutions

In business, IT infrastructure is the oil that helps your machine to run smoothly. In promoting communication, project management, employee satisfaction, and so much more, IT infrastructure proves itself to be invaluable again and again. However, managing your IT infrastructure on your own can be challenging, and sometimes, it’s best to leave it to those who know can steer you in the right direction.

Elemental Technology Solutions offers Managed IT services for your company, so that you can stick to running your business without the hassle. With our managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing that your IT infrastructure is ready to work hard alongside you each day. If you’re ready to see how a stronger IT infrastructure can benefit you, contact Elemental Technology Solutions today at [email protected].