Elemental Technology Solutions understands that business technology today must be able to dynamically scale to meet the needs of your users and customers. We offer a full suite of cloud services including online data storage and backup solutions, web-based e-mail services, document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services, and hosted office suites.  

With Cloud services form Elemental Technology Solutions, you have all the capabilities of owning an on-premise server and IT staff at a fraction of the price. Additionally, there’s no need to continuously update or upgrade hardware and software. Furthermore, your cloud services are adjustable to meet the demands of your business with the ability to add seats to your subscription as you grow or eliminate them if your company decreases its size. 

In today’s business landscape, cloud computing has become the standard to access IT infrastructure, software, and hardware resources and offers your company flexibility, efficiency, and strategic value. Companies that adopt cloud services benefit from improved efficiency and lower costs. 

Substantial IT Cost Savings
Lower your overall IT operating expenses and keep them agile no matter how fast you grow. Users only pay for the services and resources they use.
Experienced IT Staff
Access experienced IT staff without the costs of hiring and training.
Improve Efficiency
No more learning curves or long implementation times. Cloud services allow you to deploy new technology faster. 

Small to medium business are now able to utilize the same scalability, accessibility, and collaboration tools that allow your organization to move more nimbly than competitors who rely on in-house IT resources. 

With Elemental Technology Solutions we’ll work with your company to ensure that you obtain the cloud services that are right for you. Visit our Contact Us page to find out more about how we can help cloud services meet the exact demands of your organization.