Managed IT Services allow business owners to focus on their work, rather than their network. 

Technology, like a business, is ever-changing. Companies of all sizes rely on IT functions to keep their businesses functioning efficiently. Elemental Technology Solutions provides Managed IT Services that include: IT compliance, IT support, and IT network security. Our managed network services include the very best in IT management, cloud solutions, and cost savings.

Managed IT is a partnership between an IT firm and a business. The IT firm becomes responsible for managing the IT infrastructure, so the business is free to operate smoothly. We can manage all aspects of IT, from internet provider selection and management to the setup of individual workstations and everything in between. No matter what the size of your current IT departments, we can help augment current IT administrators by assisting with new projects, taking care of day-to-day tier 1 and tier 2 tickets, and/or consulting on the next steps for further growth and success.

Dependable IT
We provide effective management of security, performance, scalability, and reliability to your IT environment.
Improved ROI
Managed IT services offer your firm deep value by lowering your overall operational costs.
Secure Cloud Network
Cloud-based networking allows your company to consistently improve system performance and decrease downtime.
Proactive Network Monitoring
Our network engineers use the latest automation tools to identify and fix security or performance issues BEFORE they become a problem.

A new technology called the “cloud" has proven to be useful, but it baffles the people that could benefit from utilizing it. As a managed IT provider, we aim to demystify the cloud and make it work for you. We have flexible cloud solutions that can be customized to meet your needs, making your daily functions smoother and your goals easier to reach.

Managed IT is a good way to reduce capital expenditures and control operational expenditures. Instead of the classic break-fix mentality where the business loses money due to IT issues, sometimes even having to shut down due to those issues, managed IT proactively prevents these disruptions and has solutions that allow for business continuity in all circumstances. Managed IT allows you to control costs and gives your business a better understanding of their IT infrastructure, and therefore a clearer vision of their potential growth.

If you company is ready to eliminate spending more time and money than is necessary on routine, repetitive IT Tasks contact Elemental Technology Solutions for an assessment on your current technology strategy. We have the expertise to solve complex issues and can offer 24/7/365 IT support to your organization.