Not so long ago Voice-over-IP (VOIP) solutions were only reserved for large, corporate enterprises, took months to install and configure, and were extravagantly expensive to own and operate. Now, through Elemental Technology Solutions, VOIP solutions are available to companies of all sizes that need to gain access to basic phone system features such as call routing and voicemail, as well as, even more advanced features such as chat, conferencing, call queues, automated attendants, and office 365 integration.

Elemental Technology Systems’ Managed Voice Services harness IP based telephony technology that offers your organization cost effective voice systems that support voice and data in an integrated network. Our managed voice services will help your company better manager your network and control costs. We use cutting edge VOIP technologies that support a number of different phone models and can ensure seamless installation, motoring, and control of your voice systems.

Truly Unified Communications
From instant messaging to integrated video conferencing, our voice services help bring your company into the 21st century of business communications.
Cloud PBX
Eliminate hidden costs or hardware upgrade fees with a cloud-based PBX that gives you full control of your business communications.
Android & iOS VOIP Apps
Our VOIP solution offers your mobile workforce the ability to take an office extension wherever they go, giving you the reliability and professionalism of an office phone combined with the freedom of using it anywhere at anytime.
100% Up time
As a telecommunications broker, we have unique insight into how to architect your business phone systems so that you are always up and running, even if your internet service is out.

Our Voice services are based on one of the world’s most popular phone systems that can benefit companies of all sizes, from a small business to hospitals or hotels.

We also give you a plethora of options that allow you to receive business communications exactly how you want. Our phone services give you the option to use your own preexisting SIP phones, utilize your phone number from a mobile application or soft phone, or use our state of the art phone systems.

Our voice services have helped countless companies slash their phone bill and communication costs. If you have 10 minutes, you have time to save money on your phone service. Contact Elemental Technology Solutions for a fast and free consultation on how we can offer best in class business communications at a historically affordable price.