The modern-day business environment is fraught with risks and potential threats, and modern advances in technology have made new business capabilities possible but have also increased the volume and force of attacks. Organizations today depend on information technology systems more than ever before and need solid practices for managing risks, securing data, and delivering maximum IT availability.

Business continuity planning allows your organization to plan for these potential threats, while preventing downtime and dealing with system outages. Our IT specialists work with customers to provide robust IT systems that take points of failure into account and allow for continued operations in the wake of a system outage. 

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Reveals current weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your company’s IT systems.
Emergency Response Plan
Know exactly how to keep your business IT on track during a crisis. 
Contingency Plans
Set up your organization's procedures and policies that cover a variety of external scenarios.

Disaster Recovery 

IT Disaster recovery is a crucial factor in organizations of all sizes, and Elemental Technology Solutions works hard to develop a customized plan that meets your company’s unique business requirements. Elemental Technology Solutions has a proven system of business continuity analysis, solution design, implementation, testing and acceptance, and maintenance that helps businesses deal with disasters and handle unforeseen emergencies, such as fires, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and other external threats. 

Disk Mirroring
Allows your organization to maintain up-to-date copies of data across geographically disperse locations. 
Application & Data Recovery
Rest assured that not only is your data protected from hardware failure, human error, and malicious hardware, but that the backups will be usable and ready to install.
Hardware Replacement
Fast replacement of servers, networking equipment, and other IT hardware in the event of disaster or hardware failure. 

Managed services combined with our cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery products ensure your organization always has a reliable, robust, and resilient IT network. Contact us today to ensure your business stays running, no matter what occurs.