With Elemental Technology Solutions’ managed ATM solutions, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions can now eliminate costly and time-consuming fiber roll-outs and experience the freedom and security of cellular WAN for ATMs. Utilizing the full potential of a 4G LTE network, we provide you secure, scalable, and cost-effective connectivity for your ATMs in nearly any location. 

Improving customer access to surcharge-free ATMs has been shown to cause a huge increase in customer bases. With Managed ATM services through Elemental Technology Solutions, your banking organization now has access to cutting-edge technology and telecommunications to improve operating profit and loss for every ATM you deploy.

Lower ATM Cost
Wireless connectivity reduces the installation costs for ATMs by eliminating the need for fiber installation. You pay one low fee for your WAN connection and regular servicing.
PCI DSS Compliant
We provide merchants and financial institutions the security policies, technologies, and ongoing processes needed to assure PCI compliance.
24/7 Monitoring
A secure network connection with audit logs and reporting, with complete customer access to compliance reporting summary. 
Improved Customer Access
Separate ATM networks provide continuity to your customers needing access to their account via ATM during branch network disconnects. 

Elemental Technology Solutions provides a secure VPN connection to your bank’s core or payment processor, enabling multi-endpoint routing. This technology advancement allows our firm to support ATM processors, security camera feeds, alarm panels, and check imaging. Superior 4G/5G connectivity from exceptional service provider combined with an optional redundant connection ensures your ATMs will have maximum up-time. 

With ATM Management, financial services companies of any size can compete more effectively, offer the offer targeted services in the best locations, and achieve economies of scale. With Managed ATM processing, you’ll be better equipped to comply with new regulations, reduce infrastructure and operational investment costs, and simply your overall network operation with remote system updates, troubleshooting, and service. 

If your organization is ready to decrease ATM downtime, frustrated customers, and service calls, contact Elemental Technology Solutions today for a free consultation.