IT professional helping someone with an IT problem on their office computer

Is In-House IT Management Hurting Your Business?

For years, the norm among growing businesses has been to have your own IT group that you keep in-house to help you solve all your tech problems, but now that has begun to change. With outsourced IT management services on the rise in popularity, business owners are now faced with a difficult decision: the traditional in-house IT group, or the cutting-edge outsourced IT management group? The solution, to us, is quite simple. Below we have broken down how your growing business can benefit more from outsourced IT than an in-house team, and why you should consider contacting us next time you have a tech problem, instead.  

In-House IT Management = Weak Expertise 

Typically, in-house IT is only equipped to handle certain kinds of problems in your business since you will be limiting them to specific types of computers, printers, scanners, and the like. The chances of them being knowledgeable in the expanding range and language of computer software and consoles is slim to none. So, if a problem were to arise where the solution is not “turning it off and back on again,” your in-house IT group is going to have a harder time understanding how to solve the issue.  

This is where having an outsourced IT group in your phone contacts can be especially useful. Since groups like ours are not tied to one company’s set of IT needs, we are equipped to handle even the most unusual and complex technology problems that your company might be faced with. Outsourced IT management services specialize in the evolving language of technology and software, so we will also be able to help you find modern solutions to any outdated tech problems if needed. So, if you are looking for an IT group for your new business that has a stronger and broader range in technological expertise, outsourced IT is the way to go.  

In-House IT Management = Taxing and Expensive 

Is it worth keeping an in-house IT group on your company’s payroll if you hardly ever use them? In-house IT management is, bottom line, much more expensive than outsourced IT. If you are going to keep your IT management services in house, you are going to need to make sure they have plenty of furnished office space, any necessary technological equipment (which we know from first-hand experience will cost you a pretty penny), and not to mention, you will have to put more names on the office payroll and factor in any of their own needs into your business’s budget. To top it all off, this in-house team may not even be available for you when you need them. They could be working through their own set of tech issues, and they probably won’t be available if you have a late-night tech problem or long-term holiday tech project. At this point, it’s worth considering whether the cost of your in-house IT group is worth it considering their lack of availability.  

 For many business owners, this price tag and lack of availability is usually what drives them to opt for outsourced IT management services instead. Especially for any small business owners, these costs are simply not worth the payoff. Not only are outsourced IT services far less expensive since companies like ours work on a case-by-case basis, but we are also available any time of day, every day. You can trust that outsourced IT services are here to work with you directly to solve all tech problems as they arise.  

In-House IT Management = Keeps your Company Stagnant 

It is a fact that companies change and evolve with time. Perhaps they are expanding, or there have been new technological advancements made in your field. It is quite possible that your in-house IT services may not be equipped to handle the size and scope of these organizational and technological evolutions—especially if they have only been equipped to handle a certain set of tech problems for the last 5 to 10 years.  

However, outsourced IT services are evolving right alongside you. Like we mentioned earlier, these companies are already up to date on all the changes in technology—including the ones outside of your own company’s field. And as a growing company ourselves, we understand that every business has a tailored set of needs, and that these needs are flexible and may change over time. So, if you’re looking for IT services that can keep up with your growing company, consider outsourced IT management today. Think of it as a long-term investment in the evolution of your business.  

Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Company’s In-House IT Management Services? 

Understanding your company’s technological needs is vital in planning where your business is at, currently, and where you want it to go. At Elemental Technology Solutions (ETS), we are ready to help you get there. Our Nashville and Knoxville-based managed IT services are here to work with your company no matter where it is in its development. We offer a wide range of services to help keep your devices, sharing network, and operation systems all running smoothly and up to date with the latest advancements in technology and cutting-edge software. And the best part? These services are ready and available whenever you are. We are willing to meet with you on your schedule, and we offer a 24-hour service hotline to help you with your tech problems anytime and anywhere. No more having to wait for your in-house IT management to open their schedule up for you and no more overspending on your company’s budget and payroll. With service like this, why wouldn’t you want to use an outsourced IT management group for your growing business? Visit our website today or call us at 866-610-4509.