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Why Managed IT Services Work in the Financial Industry

The financial industry has grown and evolved exponentially over recent years, and that change is continuing to grow faster as new technologies emerge in the information and technology market.

Creating managed IT services for an industry that is already complex can present significant challenges for any financial institution, regardless of its size or field of service. This type of challenge can slow your productivity down to a crawl and frustrate your customers. Financial service companies are also using, holding, and protecting their customers’ sensitive information, so the highest levels of security are a must.

You need a professional who can handle all your IT needs to keep your team working at peak performance and your customers receiving the care, protection, and service they’ve come to expect from your business.

Why Your Financial Services Business Needs Managed IT

If you’re still not sure whether managed IT services are right for your financial services company, here are several ways this can be the difference-maker for your business.

Cybersecurity and compliance needs

With so much business being done through emerging cloud technology and so many markets crossing international borders, financial services employees face numerous compliance and personal data protection challenges. Financial company leaders are left to build and maintain an in-house IT team or outsource this needed compliance and protection to an outside managed IT services company.

Customers for your financial services organization need to feel secure in your ability to protect their data. You’ll also need to follow the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council policies about cybersecurity and data protocols. Rather than navigate this yourself, a managed IT services provider can take care of these challenges by providing 24-hour protection for your customers and ensuring your company remains in compliance.

Save time and money

Adding managed IT services to your budget may seem like an expense you can live without. However, financial institutions that invest in managed services can save money. Predictable pricing plans allow you to plan for IT services rather than saving money (or scrambling to find enough money) for an unexpected IT emergency.

Your time is valuable. By outsourcing your managed IT services, you can instead devote your team to growth and customer service strategies while your IT services provider protects the privacy and access to your IT network. Managed IT services providers can implement their network management system expertise, monitoring, and maintenance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an on-site IT professional for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.

Access to top technology at no additional cost

Market-leading technology can be difficult to maintain, even if it makes a significant difference for your financial services business. However, with managed IT services, you can trust you’re using industry-leading software and technology that is consistently being updated with the latest improvements. When you partner with a trusted IT service provider, your customers can enjoy faster, more reliable service while your team is more productive.

Knowledgeable Experts

Hiring additions to your team is already a significant challenge. Couple that with finding IT experts who understand the technology needs of financial institutions like banks and credit unions, and you’ve got a frustrating headache to address.

Instead of hiring an expensive IT expert for your team, a managed IT services company can provide you with experienced technicians who understand your unique needs and can address the problems slowing you down or inhibiting your service.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are the latest evolution in managed IT services and offer a safe and secure data storage solution that is accessible and protects your information from potential disasters. Through managed IT services, these cloud services are conformed to industry standards and regulations to ensure you are in compliance.

Managed IT Services available for your Financial institution

At Elemental Technology Solutions, our team of experienced IT professionals can provide the service your financial services institution needs.

Managed ATM

With managed ATM solutions, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions can now eliminate costly and time-consuming fiber roll-outs with cellular WAN for ATMs. Our service utilizes the full potential of a 4G LTE network to provide secure, scalable, and cost-effective connectivity for your ATMs in nearly any location.


As a leader in managed IT Support services and IT consulting for accounting firms and CPAs, Elemental Technology Solutions draws on our history in accounting and finance to provide everyone from single owner accountants to large accounting firms with a unique advantage when it comes to information technology consulting and support. 

Managed Network

Elemental Technology Solutions is a reliable partner for businesses that need fast, efficient networking solutions. We offer a fully managed, higher-performance IT infrastructure that virtually eliminates network downtime and minimizes security threats and issues.

Managed IT services designed for leaders within the financial industry

It’s time for your IT department to enable and empower you to provide better care for your customers. At Elemental Technology Solutions, we understand the unique needs of the financial industry, and we know how to provide difference-making solutions so your team can get back to providing top-notch service for your clients.

If you are ready to empower your staff to provide elite customer service, save money for your financial services company, and increase your efficiency, it’s time to seek out a Tennessee-based managed IT provider. Elemental Technology Solutions handles all facets of your IT infrastructure, including IT support, voice solutions, network security, and compliance. We serve a wide range of industries, including banks, financial institutions, and healthcare-related organizations. Contact our Nashville or Knoxville, Tennessee, managed IT offices today to find out how to improve your company’s bottom line, free yourself of recruitment hassles, and increase the agility of your organization. Reach us online or by calling (866) 610-4509.