two young female health care workers looking at a tablet that is kept up by a managed IT firm

Why Managed IT Services Work in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a whirlwind during relatively normal times. Throw in the coronavirus pandemic, and working as a healthcare professional can feel like the world is upside down.

For owners and managers of healthcare facilities, you want the focus on the well-being of your patients. Managing your technology, however, can easily overwhelm your time and resources that could go to caring for patients. Tracking down patient information, guarding data access breaches, and managing cost can be a huge strain on the effectiveness of your hospital, clinic, and other healthcare facilities.

Through managed IT services, though, you can rest assured your data is secured and the information you need is readily accessible. Managed IT services for the healthcare industry are designed to help and provide healthcare organizations with reliable data communications, seamless integration of cloud-based technologies, and can safely share highly sensitive information.

Not sure if managed IT services are right for your healthcare practice or facility? Check out these benefits managed IT can bring.

– Connectivity and the cloud

Our information is increasingly stored in the cloud, including your healthcare records. This information can be critical for healthcare professionals to understand the unique needs of a patient in their care. A managed IT service provider can help build a connection that enables better and more specialized care, improves patient satisfaction, boosts staff productivity, and strengthens secure information sharing.

For example, healthcare workers at a clinic in a rural area can access information on a patient’s medical records, submit prescriptions, and send encrypted emails from their smartphone or tablet. Conversely, patients can schedule appointments, check test results, and access resources on-demand from their healthcare provider’s website.

– Compliance

Compliance surrounding patient information based on HIPAA guidelines is critical for your healthcare practice to continue serving patients in your community. Failing to meet regulations can leave you paying massive fines, facing serious penalties, and even the withdrawal of your license to operate your practice. With ever-changing rules surrounding this information, a managed IT service provider can better understand compliance requirements regarding data storage and management and help mitigate the risk of meeting compliance.

At Elemental Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves in our HIPAA compliant data storage and management of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for any size medical practice.

– Data protection

Cybercriminals are increasingly attacking information databases within the healthcare industry because of their perceived vulnerability. Data protection through a managed IT service provider changes that narrative.

The important balance to find is controlling access to sensitive data while allowing easy access to those within your organization who need that information. With around the clock monitoring, our network security with Elemental Technology Solutions can provide proactive protection against possible threats to your patients’ information without interfering with your staff’s access.

We’re also equipped to provide your practice or facility with disaster recovery services and strategies.

– Predictable monthly cost

With a managed IT service provider, securing and managing your IT and valuable data, along with training staff, managing equipment, deploying IT systems, and ensuring adequate storage, becomes a fixed monthly cost. Managed IT services can even cut IT costs significantly by streamlining the wide range of necessities for shared and secure digital information.

With Elemental Technology Solutions, you can trust we’ll provide affordable, non-front-end loaded, and easy to understand contracts so you receive the maximum value from your IT solutions while reducing your total IT costs.

– Increased efficiency and improved care

Wouldn’t it be great if your staff could spend more time caring for patients? The healthcare professionals working at your practice or facility started working in the industry to care for and help people. Managing and securing patient information is likely not part of what they love about their job.

With managed IT services, your data storage and security needs can be offloaded from your staff’s busy schedules and allow them more opportunities to care for patients. This can increase employee morale and boost patient satisfaction.

– Faster response times

The healthcare industry doesn’t operate on a 9-5 schedule. Many healthcare facilities operate around the clock, so you need a partner constantly and proactively monitoring your network. With a managed IT service provider, support and assistance are always available.

– Access to the latest technology

Technology is constantly changing in healthcare, and access to new equipment and resources can be a difference-maker for your practice and your patients. But ensuring state-of-the-art technology works seamlessly with your current network can be a serious hurdle to your ability to provide the best care for your patients.

The right technology can take healthcare organizations to the next level by optimizing workflows, enhancing collaboration, streamlining processes, and increasing security. Managed IT infrastructure allows healthcare providers to quickly and painlessly replace legacy systems, manage the exponential data growth, and keep pace with the ever-increasing number of sites, systems, devices, and users.

Managed IT services designed for leaders within the healthcare industry

It’s time for your IT department to enable and empower you to provide better care for your patients. At Elemental Technology Solutions, we understand the unique needs of the healthcare industry and we know how to provide difference-making solutions so your team can get back to caring for patients.

If you are ready to empower your staff to provide elite patient care, save money for your clinic, practice, or facility, and increase your efficiency, it’s time to seek out a Tennessee-based managed IT provider. Elemental Technology Solutions handles all facets of your IT infrastructure, including IT support, voice solutions, network security, and compliance. ETS serves a wide range of industries, including banks and financial institutions, and healthcare-related organizations. Contact our Nashville or Knoxville, Tennessee, managed IT offices today to find out how to improve your company’s bottom line, free yourself of recruitment hassles, and increase the agility of your organization. Reach us online or by calling (866) 610-4509.