man using a computer and inputting edocs into the cloud so that the company may go paperless

Thinking About Going Paperless?

Employees sluggishly moving from printer to printer. Outrageously high bills from the office supply store. Pounds of shredded paper being thrown away for nothing. If this sounds like your business, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about how your organization can benefit from switching to a digital document management practice. There are many benefits to becoming a paperless office, but if you are still unsure of whether upgrading your document management strategies is right for your company, we have provided you with three ways that your business can grow by switching to digital document management; and, who to call if you’re ready to start the process.  

Benefits of Going Paperless in the Workplace

Cut Down Supply Costs 

Simply put, COVID-19 has ripped a huge hole in the local economy. With businesses losing many customers to stay-at-home mandates and employees calling out sick, profit has slowed down to a crawling pace for many organizations. This goes without saying, then, that business owners are now in a situation where they, frankly, cannot afford to spend money in places where they don’t use it; and that place for business owners is most often their office supply expenses.  Printer paper, cartridges, and toners are only growing more expensive. Employees are known to often take other supplies like notebooks or pens home with them as well. Not to mention, these office supply companies will not hesitate to try and upcharge you on their products when you go to re-order. As a result, you end up spending far more than you ever needed to in the first place. Becoming a paperless office can cut down on many of these costs. 

 With a digital document management system, all your files will be conveniently stored in one place that you can find in just a few clicks. No more having to constantly restock supplies that take up loads of space in your office. Think of it like this: would you rather have to keep spending money year-round on these costly supplies, or make one payment upfront when you call an IT management service to help you install a new digital document management system?   

No More Printed Materials 

Let’s face it: printed materials get bulky. Creating them and distributing them is a taxing and time-consuming process. The amount of paper that you go through before you even have a final document in your hands always ends up being a waste as well, and the services for disposing and/or storing of these documents can get costly. Shredding and recycling services, while important, can often end up being a draining investment on your wallet. And when you pair this with the amount you’re paying every month to store any of these materials out of office, you’re looking at thousands of dollars thrown away every year. Not to mention, there’s always the fear of these printed documents getting lost or compromised in some way, which adds another layer of stress to this whole, overly complicated equation.  

The solution, however, is surprisingly simple. As a paperless workplace, you will be able to store all your printed materials as digital materials. So, it cuts out the middleman that these storage facilities and recycling companies become. By getting to store everything important in house, you can rest assured that you know where all your vital documents are, and you can access them more easily than ever before. Disposing of these documents becomes much easier as well since all you have to do is simply press “delete.” So not only will you save yourself some money by switching to a digital document management system, but you will also save yourself a significant amount of time and stress by staying in control of all your vital information—and isn’t that how it should be? 

Boost Your Office Productivity 

Have you noticed that in your office that your employees are spending more time on their feet and less at their desks working on their projects? This is not entirely their fault, either. If you do not have a digital document management system, the process of storing documents in your office is not nearly as streamlined as it could be. Your employees are most likely not spending as much time at their desks because they are having to constantly print and file their documents, which becomes needlessly time consuming. Think about it:  they have to walk to and from various printers or scanners, tackle any machine malfunctions, and then spend hours scouring the filing cabinets for a place to store their documents when they’re done with them—which they may even end up doing incorrectly. This is a minutes-long process that may not seem like much, but if you add up the minutes for every time this process must be repeated during the workday, you’re looking at several wasted work hours piling up every day.  

Imagine if you could cut down this process that takes a matter of 10-15 minutes to one that takes a matter of 10-15 seconds? Switching to a digital document management system can cut out these wasted hours so your employees can spend more time focusing on what’s important: getting their projects done and growing the company. And since the files can all be easily stored in the same system, you can trust that the employees at your new, digital office can store their files correctly every time. Not to mention, sharing these files digitally is far simpler than sharing them as hard copies. This means that there is more opportunity for your employees to collaborate on certain projects, which can boost efficiency in the office as well.   

Managed IT and Going Paperless

If you’re ready to invest in your company’s continuity by switching to a digital document management system, Elemental Technology Solutions (ETS) is ready to help your office go paperless today. We have extensive experience in seamlessly transitioning all types of business around the Knoxville area to their new digital document management systems. As a locally managed IT company ourselves, we understand that every small business is unique and has their own set of key processes for storing data. This is why here at ETS, we focus on tailor-fitting our service to your company’s digital needs by using and providing you with the latest technology. So, you can spend less time getting hung up on computer problems and more time on what’s important: expanding your company’s potential. Visit our website today, or call us at 866-610-4509.