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The Power of VOIP

Most of you out there have probably heard of Voice-over-IP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol), along with its accompanying acronym: VOIP. A good bit more likely use or have used these systems. But maybe you don’t know what VOIP is all about, and how powerful a communications solution it truly is.

What is VOIP

VOIP eschews traditional phone lines, using the internet to send and receive voice calls instead. This means the ability to send video and data as well. Other benefits VOIP brought along included faster speeds, higher quality and lower costs. One example of the latter has been the elimination or reduction in long-distance and per-call charges.

A Smart, Flexible Investment in VOIP

VOIP services are powerful tools. They’re also a cost-effective investment that will pay back huge dividends. Take into account:

-Your VOIP provider will handle hardware and software issues, freeing up your business’s own IT employees to devote more time to in-house jobs.

-VOIP systems are highly scalable. Far greater amounts of data can be sent over a VOIP internet network. This means more than one call can be sent over a single broadband line. Since it’s all digital, this eliminates the need to ever add more physical phone lines to the mix.

-Since off-site employees are able to access your company’s phone system online, VOIP systems promote productivity and connectivity. Remote workers also benefit, making VOIP a simple, but powerful, solution.

-VOIP systems can be set up to allow employees use of their business phone number away from the office. Laptops or mobile devices can be used to access the company phone system.

-A single network is used as a voice and data carrier, realizing additional cost savings.

-VOIP provides growth potential without the need to sink more capital costs into the system.

Array of Integrated Features for VOIP

With the introduction of VOIP, all kinds of technological timesavers were either brought on the scene, improved or offered with no additional cost: conference calls, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, chat functions, automated voice systems—all offered under a single service. Some important features include:

Call recording. VOIP makes recording calls for posterity simple. It’s possible to use cloud storage space as well so network space isn’t chewed up. At Elemental Technology Solutions, we offer a full suite of cloud services, including online storage and data backup, web-based email and managed technical support services.

Conference bridges. This VOIP ability can take any device outfitted with a microphone and use it to broadcast an audio meeting to large numbers of people.

Video chat conferences. The same concept as conference bridges, only with video as well as audio.

Do not disturb (DND) and out-of-office settings. With the DND feature, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted while in the office. And when you’re not, the out-of-office settings can help make sure calls get answered. To help, they can be automatically redirected to another individual inside the company who can assist while you’re away.

Automated attendant. Using an automated phone menu has become a popular practice, especially for larger companies. It cuts down on the number of live operators needed and can efficiently route calls to the correct departments.

Business software integration. This powerful feature allows data integration with other systems and business applications, including email and chat systems. This allows records to be kept in one place, important workflows tracked and data shared across systems.

Short message service (SMS) text messaging. SMS allows you to send and receive text messages on a business phone. You can also schedule time intervals for the system to automatically send text messages to clients.

Trusted, Knowledgeable Voice Services Provider in Tennessee

At Elemental Technology Solutions, our Managed Voice Services offer cost-effective voice systems, helping organizations better manage their network and control costs. We use cutting-edge VOIP technologies that support a number of different phone models and can ensure seamless installation, monitoring and control of your voice systems.

If you’re looking to switch to a VOIP system, or are simply looking for an upgrade or change to your current one, we’re a reliable company that’s provided solutions to companies of various sizes and industries. We proudly offer a number of options for you to customize your VOIP experience. Our voice services have helped countless companies slash phone costs and guide their communication functionality into the 21st Century. If you’re looking for an experienced, customer-focused VOIP provider, contact us online or at (888) 499-5898 for a fast and free consultation.