person working from their device which is rented from and maintained by a knoxville it company as a DAAS service

Device-as-a-Service: What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

Efficiency, security, and cost are some of the main concerns of both businesses and individuals when it comes to choosing IT services. For this reason, the IT industry is constantly coming up with better ways for businesses to manage their IT operations to meet these needs. Today’s workforce is becoming ever more dependent on collaboration across multiple types of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Device-as-a-Service, or DaaS, is an IT services model that takes away much of the stress of managing all these different devices.

What Is Device-as-a-Service?

The Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model provides businesses with the devices and support they need through a subscription-based service. DaaS providers offer different types of hardware, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Your organization can order the devices it needs, and included with the devices are software and hardware management services such as device backups, security, asset tracking, end-of-life disposal, etc. This means you have a single point of contact for your hardware and software needs.

DaaS services start with a contract with the DaaS provider that states which hardware, software, and services your organization will use and for how long. The contract will also discuss payment, which is usually on a monthly per-device basis. The DaaS provider will further outline in the contract if there are timelines for replacing devices. The devices will typically come with your organization’s required software already installed.

Benefit of DaaS #1: Lower and More Predictable Costs

When you purchase computer devices for use in your organization, you will be left with a surplus of devices if your workforce is reduced, and these devices can become outdated before they are needed again. DaaS, on the other hand, allows for greater flexibility. You can scale up and down to use more or fewer devices as needed to accommodate for workforce or seasonal changes. This means your organization will not waste money on purchasing devices that may go unused or become outdated.

Additionally, the price of devices through DaaS is much more predictable and certain than traditional device procurement methods. Because you pay on a monthly per-device basis, you know exactly how much the device will cost over its life. Plus, DaaS subscriptions include all the IT support and management services that you could need for the devices, so you will not have to spend extra unplanned money to keep your devices operational.

Finally, using DaaS to procure computer hardware allows your company to calculate the cost of new technology as an operating expense instead of as a capital expenditure. Capital expenditures must be depreciated, while operating expenses do not. This frees up some cash for your organization to use for driving revenue and growth.

Benefit of DaaS #2: Latest Technology

Using DaaS allows your organization to have access to the latest technology. DaaS services offer the most current available models of the devices your company needs. As devices age and lose efficiency, DaaS firms can replace them with newer, updated devices so that your company can stay as productive as possible. Additionally, newer devices are more energy efficient and better at supporting environmental sustainability, which is a concern for many organizations and their customers today. If this is a concern for your organization, then you may want to consider using the DaaS IT service model to always have access to the devices that best support sustainability.

Benefit of DaaS #3: Frees Up IT Department

IT departments have limited time and resources that they can devote to your IT support needs. Companies’ IT departments are constantly being pulled away from other important tasks to spend time on hardware and software support for all the different devices in use. When you get your devices through DaaS services, the provider handles all the IT support for the devices. DaaS provides devices that are secure and maintained with 24/7 support for both on-site and remote workers. This frees up your IT department to focus on other IT services such as developing and implementing strategies to increase your company’s productivity, better serve your customers, and solve other problems.

Benefit of DaaS #4: Increased Security

The number of security threats to IT infrastructure grows every day. For this reason, security is one of the biggest concerns for any organization that uses some sort of computer devices—they don’t want to risk losing highly sensitive data to a cyberattack. The IT support services that are incorporated into DaaS subscriptions include security and protection against vulnerabilities. With DaaS, you can be confident that all security policies will be monitored and adhered to at all times. DaaS providers can also keep track of the location and condition of devices to better ensure security. Because DaaS includes end-of-life disposal, you can rest assured that your company data cannot be accessed from the devices after your company is done with them. The added security you can experience with DaaS will take away much of the stress and worry that surrounds technology in the workplace.

Device-as-a-Service Solutions from a Trusted IT Firm

The DaaS model provides organizations with greater flexibility, lower costs, and peace of mind. Instead of purchasing or leasing hardware, which can still require that your full-time IT department dedicate precious time to managing the devices, use DaaS to fully automate and simplify your hardware procurement and management needs. Elemental Technology Solutions is one of only a few firms in the Southeastern United States that offers device procurement and life-cycle management through DaaS. With our DaaS solutions, you will have one point of contact for your hardware provider, IT services company, and hardware leasing agent. Reach out to us today at 1-888-499-5898 or online for a technology assessment to start benefiting from our simple and secure DaaS solutions.