2019: Networking Equipment for Businesses

One of the toughest parts about choosing network equipment for business is figuring out what equipment you need and how often you should upgrade your network hardware. This difficulty is compounded by the constant forward advancement of networking technology, combined with a nearly daily introduction of new networking security threats and vulnerabilities. While ten years ago, business owners could hire a student out of college to set up networking equipment they bought from Best Buy, this approach is not applicable for even small businesses in today’s networking landscape.

Do I need Enterprise Networking for My Business?

Many business owners struggle with two networking problems: Do you need enterprise-grade networking equipment, and should you hire someone to install and maintain it? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Firstly, many individuals aren’t aware that their internet service provider (ISP) doesn’t provide a robust firewall and will only turn off open ports if specifically requested. Business owners without a networking background run into issues with figuring out which ports need to stay open for regular business operations and which ones should remain closed to protect your data.

Outside of your ISP’s “open door” firewall policy, there’s another reason a business owner should avoid purchasing and using consumer routers and switches they can buy at the local electronics store or on Amazon. Routers and switches that are mass produced for consumers have also been known to contain dangerous backdoors which can be misused by hackers. Even well-respected network manufacturer Cisco Systems was discovered to have exploitable backdoors in much of its equipment.  

The New Way to Network

Business owners who try to cut corners by shopping for networking equipment and installing it themselves may be inadvertently putting all their customer data at risk. Furthermore, setting up a company network can be confusing and requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it is secure and allows users to conduct business. The new way to network for businesses is to approach networking as a platform which involves obtaining a comprehensive and robust firewall solution that integrates seamlessly with routers, switches, and additional security and infrastructure components. This security and networking as a platform approach ensures that business data is secured while also simplifying the network management process.

Network Equipment Designed for Business

For business owners whose business is quickly growing, it can be tempting to cut corners by approaching the company’s network as a DIY project. Elemental Technology Solutions has the knowledge and experience to design a networking solution customized to your unique business. Additionally, our networking technicians offer on-going network support and IT provider management at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT staff. Contact us by phone at 888-499-5898 or online to speak with a professional about your network.